Mental Edge


Did you know it is said that 95% of all winning is achieved by only 5% of all participants?

So why do winners win? Is it their equipment? Is it the skill they are born with?

No, ....It's the way they think !

Managing the mental edge is about training your mind to control your performances to gain the best possible outcomes and achieve your goals. Did you know that all top level athletes recognize that mental performance is possibly the most important aspect of training.

Many shooters learn the hard way or even accidentally to be mentally tough if they are to be winners. Sometimes this takes many years to master. With a system of mental training you can learn how to reach your goals sooner and more often. Learn how to handle the pressure of the big matches. Learn how to set goals, improve concentration and handle distractions. If your dream is success at a higher level then you might need to change the way you think to perform.

Lanny Bassham, Olympic shooting champion and 2 time World champion, puts it this way..."it doesn't matter if you win or lose - until you lose".