Locations & Costs


Courses can be conducted where ever there is a range and facilities that can be used.

Queensland....beautiful one day, perfect the next! :)

Now that we live in Queensland, specifically Brisbane, it is easier for us to do courses at the Belmont range complex. If you live outside Brisbane it may be worthwhile flying in for courses as the cost of discount airfares nowadays makes the travel much cheaper. We can collect you from and deliver you to the airport, provide accommodation and meals at our home and transport to the range for the course if required (for one or two people). We are also prepared to travel to most locations (and this includes overseas) if facilities allow and there are enough course bookings to make it worthwhile. Different ranges have different requirements and arrangements. Generally we do not require "exclusive" use of a whole range facility and at some ranges exclusive use is not an option. It would also add to the cost significantly. The use of local range facilities would have to be negotiated with a local club member by the students.

We carry full public liability insurance through SSAA Insurance Brokers.

The fees 1 day course with 1 person is $600 (inc GST). *See note
1 day course with 2 people is $450 (inc GST) each. *See note
1 day course with 3 or 4 people is $400 (inc GST) each. *See note

*Note: Plus any other costs associated with venue hire and/or range fees as applicable.
A 1 day course is approx 8 hours training with both of us. This also includes some printed course notes, PowerPoint type presentations and a video DVD which is mailed to you after editing.

Also the Elliotts' rifles are available for hire, if required. The price of a course for groups of 5 or more people is by negotiation and will depend upon numbers, time frame and subject requirements.

Most of our courses are now being conducted on any of the ranges at the Belmont Shooting Complex in Brisbane.