Course Content


Below is a list of training modules that we will use to configure courses to suit individual needs.
By combining a number of these modules we can customize a course for you.

Most of these modules can be expanded from the brief to the very detailed and usually a one day course for one person would consist of up to 8 of these modules. (also see the Locations & Costs page for prices etc)

The Modules include:

  • Rifle design, configurations and setup (stocks, barrels, actions, scopes, bedding etc).
  • Rifle accuracy tuning and load development.
  • Barrel cleaning procedures and controlling fouling.
  • Scopes and Vision.
  • Bench equipment (rifle rests and bags etc).
  • Shooting techniques and shooting positions.
  • Match preparations (including rules and classes).
  • Ballistics (interior and exterior).
  • Benchrest reloading techniques.
  • Cartridge case preparations. Bullet selection and testing.
  • Tools and equipment. Making your own gauges.
  • Reading the wind and mirage.
  • Special preparations for competing overseas.
  • Wind Flags and Wind Probes. Their designs, positioning and use.
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosis of problems.
  • Contingency plans when something goes wrong. Dealing with adverse conditions.
  • Using practice and training times more effectively.
  • Dealing with special guns (Air guns, Rimfires, hard kickers, rail guns etc).
  • Special events (eg. Hunter Class, Long Range BR, Special Rimfire events, F Class etc).
  • The Mental Edge (and mental discipline training).