Technology ?

We have a range of special equipment and training aids to assist us in delivering the course modules.

Some of these include:

Prepared course materials and training notes.

PowerPoint presentations on laptop computer and a data projector.

Two Digital video cameras. Digital stills camera.

Oehler Chronographs with printout reports.

Bore scope for barrel examinations.

Large range of special tools and measuring devices.

Use of the Elliott's rifles if required. (extra fee applies)

Video or DVD of your day on the range.

Use of the Elliott design windflags & Gene Beggs style wind probes.

Have available for use a large range front and rear rests (including the Farley).

Special books, CD's, videos and DVD's for sale.

"Pro-Shot" cleaning rods and Butch Lambert joystick rest tops for sale.

Assistance and advice in building that special project rifle.

We will continue to develop other training aids in the future.