Groups ?

Yes, we all like to shoot small groups or good scores. But this page is actually about schools and training courses for groups of shooters.

This is not only for Bench Rest Shooters. Many shooting disciplines could benefit from these courses. These courses could be just for one day or go over several days. They could involve only seminars (class room style) or include shooting sessions as well. The modules can be adjusted to suit the needs of the group.

If you have a group of friends who wish to do a course together or if you wish to be included in a course with a group of people let us know. We specialise in Group Courses and there are several advantages to this. The individual costs are less and often the group therapy and interaction works best. For example there may be a group of people mainly interested in Rimfire events or the 500m Fly shoots and wish to arrange a course concentrating on those issues.

Alternatively if you have a team of competitors who are looking for assistance in specific areas or are competing overseas then please contact us with your details so we can design a course to suit your needs.

Some suggested topics for these might include:

Your team may benefit from a course in team work and the Mental edge.

Your team may be traveling & competing internationally and need assistance with these special issues.

Or developing the right equipment and practice schedules.

You might want to learn about benchrest reloading, tuning techniques or rifle problem diagnosis.